If We Can Make It There, We’ll Make It Anywhere

Important News from Petersen International Underwriters

It is with pride that we tell you our efforts to affect a change in the insurance laws of New York State have been successful, effective today. This means Petersen International Underwriters is able to process salary protection (disability insurance) on residents of the state of New York.

This accomplishment was the result of careful and persistent work by Tom Petersen, Vice President of Petersen International and his selected team of legal advisors and lobbyists who presented the proposed changes to the New York Legislator for its consideration and acceptance.

New York is highly important to our progress because so much high limit disability insurance involves residents of New York. International and National business firms are either domiciled or have significant operations in the state.

We are prepared to make proposals and accept applications. Brokers, Advisors and Planners will prosper from this development.