In the Home Stretch

CalendarWhat a crazy year it’s been. Deadly terrorist attacks continuing at home and abroad, political and social turmoil surrounding the Presidential race, and Ryan Lochte at the Rio Olympics! I think America needs a break.

Here at Petersen International, we have enjoyed a beautifully organized chaos throughout 2016. It’s been another busy and prosperous year, and it appears there isn’t the slightest hint of business recession in the specialty DI and GSI disability insurance marketplaces. Those that can reasonably afford income protection insurance seem to be listening to their advisors and they are buying.

Due to the steady growth in application submissions, Petersen International has had almost a 20% increase in staff in 2016. We have also broadened our outside sales force with the addition of offices in the Midwest and the East Coast. At the home office in California, we have run out of room and are having to expand to an additional floor in the building. Times are changing, but they certainly are exciting.

4th floor

As with much of the rest of the world, we look with a curious and cautious eye at what the incoming administration will do for the country and to the world of domestic and international finance. Despite the apparent political fissures of this nation, we must give thanks for our relative safety, security and the freedom to make choices which is seldom found elsewhere in the world.

Petersen International thanks you for your continued support, and we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends.