Income Planning For the “Want” Market

The New Market: Want vs. Need

Producers may not have movie stars or star athletes as clients or even prospects, but among his or her clientele and prospects there will likely be many nicely compensated people. These clients and prospects that are categorized as wealthy, or rich, are typically thought to not need disability insurance.

Such thoughts are crystallized by years of exposure to the concept of “NEED” created by Insurers that base their issue and participation limits on an attitude of “bread and water and a tent in the park.” These insurers have fear and concern over large disability plans and additionally are limited by lack of

Petersen International has pioneered and perfected a line of High Limit coverage to satisfy those who “WANT” more disability insurance than has been available from the conventional disability carriers. As an example of NEED . . .

We would assume that Tony Hawk is a “WANT” type person. He is an idol of young people, but a name unknown to most adults. Tony Hawk could be the kid next door to any home, in any town in America. Most people do not know him or know about him. Hawk started skateboarding at age eight. He is now 36. In between those dates he invented 80 airbending tricks and won 73 first place titles in skateboarding competition. He earns over $9 million
per year defying gravity on a toy that was once the domain of 12-year-old boys.

His brands generate $300 million per year in retail sales; clothing, skateboards, arena tours and above all video games. Eleven million kids use skateboards in the U.S., more than the number of kids participating in organized baseball. He has propelled a modest toy business into an industry that
does $5.7 billion per year in sales.

ESPN aired the first X games, a faux Olympics for “alternative” sports. This helped launch his business empire and a very rich deal with the firm “Activision” for his video games.

* * *

This is America. New, dynamic ideas come from “Guys next door.” Probably no self-respecting professional insurance producer would even consider submitting an application to an insurance company to insure the often injured, crazy kid who lived next door. That is why Petersen International is an important resource for producers. We are in the risk business, not money gathering and we would not laugh at nor scold a Producer for making an inquiry. Instead we would set about finding a way to insure this unusual entrepreneur.


A few fine companies remain active in the disability insurance field and offer excellent coverage, but restrict it to certain income earners and in limited amounts. Clients and prospects should be encouraged to buy all such coverage that they can acquire.

Adequate amounts of disability reinsurance have been difficult for those traditional disability companies to obtain. This has forced these companies to ration the amount of coverage they can offer, and this leaves many insureds with inadequate amounts of disability insurance coverage.

This is a guide only. It is designed to illustrate the amounts of supplemental disability coverage available from Petersen International Underwriters. Some occupations may have excess limits.


Employee Paid Employee Paid
Typical Non-
Can I & P Limit
Excess Typical Non-
Can I & P Limit
100,000  4,800  600  5,950 300
150,000  6,100  2,025  7,700  1,675
200,000  7,500  3,333  9,350  3,150
250,000  8,300  5,241  10,350  5,275
300,000  9,100  7,150  11,350  7,400
350,000  9,900  9,058  12,350  9,525
400,000  10,600  11,066  13,250  11,750
450,000 11,200  13,175  14,000  14,125
500,000  11,500  15,553  14,450  16,800
550,000  12,100  17,691  15,000  19,375
600,000  12,850  19,650  15,000  22,500
700,000  13,100  22,108  15,000  25,625
750,000  13,500  24,366  15,000  28,750
800,000  13,700  26,925  15,000  31,875
850,000  14,250  29,083  15,000  35,000
900,000  14,600  31,441  15,000  38,125
950,000  14,900 33,850  15,000  41,250
1,000,000  15,000  36,458  15,000  44,375
 –  –  –  –
2,000,000  15,000  93,333  15,000  110,000
For higher quotes please call Petersen International Underwriters At
1(800) 345-8816
For higher quotes please call Petersen International Underwriters At
1(800) 345-8816