Insurance Solutions for Those with HIV

The human immunodeficiency virus and its resulting manifestation as AIDS remains an incurable, microscopic scourge that has ravaged many communities throughout the world over the last several decades.  HIV/AIDS has historically been a lethal epidemic which arose in the early 1980’s in the U.S. and spread suddenly among certain populations – eventually to all corners of America.  However, clinical research and medical advances have made great strides to stunt the progress of the disease, and many of those who have contracted HIV are now living longer, healthier lives.

Despite the immense economic and social support for the clinical battle with HIV, there remains an unfortunate stigma attached to those who live with the disease, especially in the world of insurance.  HIV is no longer a death sentence for many Americans, yet most life and health insurance companies continue to hold prejudices against clients who test positive, even for those showing little or no viral load due to effective “cocktail” treatments.  Prospects with HIV are consistently automatic declines with most life and disability carriers.

However, there are insurance options for those afflicted with HIV.  The secondary or outlying markets hold most of the solutions for these tough life/health cases.  Those seeking death benefits for family and business protection can look no further than Petersen International Underwriters.

We can cover business risks for buy/sell agreements, business loan indemnification as well as key persons with our Failure to Survive term product series where death benefits are available on HIV cases.  In many instances, especially those with undetectable viral loads, underwriters are willing to offer comprehensive coverage without any medical exclusions.

With regards to personal and family financial protection, Petersen offers high-limit accidental death plans that can be accompanied with dismemberment benefits for those with HIV.  Further protection can be had with personal and business disability insurance.  On a case-by-case basis, Petersen underwriters are able to offer accident and sickness individual DI and business coverage like buy/sell, BOE, key person and loan protection to those afflicted with HIV.

The world of impaired-risk underwriting is ever expanding and evolving to meet the genuine financial needs of the many working Americans living with the disease.  The insurance doors are no longer shut to the men and women diagnosed HIV positive.

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