International Disability Insurance

World ImageThe U.S. State Department estimates that nine million American citizens reside outside the borders of the United States.  Granted many of those are children, non-working spouses and retired expats, but nonetheless, there are millions of working Americans living or on temporary assignment in foreign countries needing insurance.  Unfortunately, most U.S. group insurances and employee benefits aren’t available to those working abroad.  Income protection, for example, can be quite limited or even non-existent through traditional insurance companies to those in need of substantial personal disability insurance.

Petersen International offers extensive income replacement options for American individuals or groups working overseas for U.S. or foreign companies.  Fully underwritten coverage for individuals and guaranteed-issue coverage for groups are available on a first-dollar or excess basis, and the entire process from application to underwriting to policy delivery can take place without the insured person ever having to step back onto U.S. soil.

Another rarity is that the Petersen offerings allow claimants to remain overseas while receiving full or partial disability benefits.  The policies themselves are robust and long-term, able to be custom designed to match or simulate the benefit structures and terms of employee benefits enjoyed by the international employees’ domestic counterparts.

The amazing income protection programs that Petersen has developed for those working abroad can also be had by foreign nationals working here in the states.  There are twenty-seven million foreign-born persons working in the United States, and to those without green cards or U.S. citizenship, the ability to acquire substantial DI protection in this country is quite difficult.

Disability benefits available to those with or without work visas are quite limited in the market, and any kind of international travel can hinder expected benefits.  Domestic disability insurance benefits are cutoff as soon as a foreign national leaves the U.S. and moves back to his/her country of origin.  Even monthly disability benefit checks cease if the insured claimant returns to his/her home nation.  Most domestic carriers require the claimant to be stateside while receiving DI benefits.

Petersen International’s disability programs don’t have such stringent requirements.  Under a Petersen policy, claimants continue to receive total or partial (residual) disability benefits whether they are living in the U.S. or anywhere else in the world.

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