International Travelers and Medical Insurance

Spring Sales Ideas

This year:

140,000,000 Americans will travel outside the U.S.
150,000,000 Foreign Nationals will travel to the U.S.
290,000,000 Prospects for International Medical and Travel Accident Insurance.

Spring is the height of the years travel planning by individuals and firms. Senior travelers choose to travel before and after the congested summer months. Families travel when children are on vacation. Business travel occurs all year.

Most of the travelers will buy travel medical and accident insurance, but their chances of getting decent and adequate coverage are slim. Travel agencies sell cheap plans for fear of losing the sale because of price. The typical medical expense plan sold by travel agencies is a $10,000 maximum plan, which is an amount wholly inadequate.

Considering the price people pay to travel, the cost of premiums for temporary medical and accident coverage is a modest amount. If educated as to the virtues of the coverage and the amounts provided, most consumers will make the intelligent choice of buying dependable and adequate coverage, rather
than accepting a lesser product.

By advertising to clients and prospects the USAway Major Medical for Americans ($5,000,000 maximum), the International Major Medical for foreign nationals ($1,000,000 maximum), and the High Limit Accident Plan ($100,000 – $20,000,000 benefit), people will listen to the broker and buy the right product. The sale of these products commonly leads to valuable tangential sales. Here are just two examples from our February placements:

  1. A business owner who bought High Limit Travel Accident on himself, extended the plan to the firms executives. Annual premium = $19,375.
  2. An Art Council of 37 persons bought USAway International Major Medical and High Limit Accident for a trip to Paris. Premium = $22,750.

Both sales resulted from an inquiry on International Major Medical Insurance.

The International Major Medical Series and High Limit Accident – a good thing to promote for it stimulates other business. Please send your request for a current supply of brochures, applications and rates sheets.

Comparison Chart International Major Medical Series

Provision USAway Major
Medical Plan
International Major
Medical Plan
Worldwide Major
Medical Plan
Best Uses Up to 12 Months Up to 12 Months Ongoing
Type of Contract Temporary/Rewrites OK Temporary/Rewrites OK Conditionally Renewable
Accident and Sickness Covered Covered Covered
Accident Only 40% Discount 40% Discount 40% Discount
Physician/Hospital Expense Medically Necessary Medically Necessary Medically Necessary
Any Doctor/Any Hospital Yes Yes Yes
Lowest Deductible $250 (group $100) $250 (group $100) $500
Co-Insurance 80/20 next $5,000 80/20 next $5,000 80/20 next $5,000
Base Maximum Benefits $5,000,000 $1,000,000 $5,000,000
Pre-Existing Conditions 12/12 12/12 12/12
Repatriation of Remains Built-In Built-In N/A
Global Medical Transp. Built-In (Med.Necessary) Built-In (Med.Necessary) N/A
Prescription Drugs Covered Following Hosp. Covered Following Hosp. Covered Following Hosp.
Common Acc. Provisions Built-In Built-In N/A
Lost Luggage Built-In Built-In N/A
Trip Cancellation Built-In Built-In N/A
Emergency Return Home Built-In Built-In N/A
$25,000 AD Benefit Built-In Built-In N/A
$50,000 Double Indemnity If by Common Carrier If by Common Carrier N/A
Follow-Me-Home Built-In N/A N/A
Hazardous Sports Optional 10% or $80 + Optional 10% or $80 + Optional 10% or $80 +
All-Cause Deductible Optional 15% Optional 15% Optional 15%
Cardiac/Cancer Limit Rem. Optional 10% N/A N/A
Frequent Travelers Option Optional, Add 1 Month N/A N/A
$1,000,000 Benefit N/A Optional 25% N/A
War/Acts of War Cov. Varies N/A N/A

Please refer to brochure for complete details and limitations. If you would like a supply of brochures,
applications and rates sheets for any of the International Major Medical Series Products please advise.