Is Your Client Not Eligible for Medicare?

It’s true, not every senior-aged individual living in the United States qualifies for Medicare at the same point in life. Obamacare guidelines and state and federal regulations occasionally leave some American demographics without an ACA-governed medical insurance outlet. Additionally, because of age and residency restrictions, private insurance and healthcare exchanges are not often available solutions to many of the elderly foreign nationals residing in the U.S.

The best solution to these healthcare dilemmas is The Bridge Plan, a major medical insurance platform catering to U.S. residents awaiting Medicare eligibility. The program was developed in 1991 by Petersen International, and has faithfully served as the go-to gap healthcare product for persons aged 60 years and older who are not yet eligible for Medicare or who have missed their Medicare Part B enrollment window. The product has also been the perfect solution for those who have immigrated to the U.S. and have yet to establish residency or have been permanent residents for fewer than five years and are still not eligible for Medicare.

The plan touts robust benefits that simulate Medicare protection platforms Part A and Part B. Part A covers hospitalization expenses including standard hospitalization, hospice facilities, skilled nursing facilities and home healthcare. Part B covers physician and surgeon expenses including in-patient and out-patient services as well as ancillary benefits for supplies, therapy and ambulance transportation expenses.

The Bridge plan has no coinsurance or copay requirement and provides a maximum term of insurance up to 364 days at which time the client may reapply for a new policy period depending on the particular state’s regulations. Most importantly, the plan offers a highly-regarded PPO network which typically provides hefty discounts and savings for incurred eligible expenses. Whether the insured person goes to an in-network or out-of-network provider, they are covered for treatment by any physician or at any medical facility in the country.

Furthermore, the Bridge Plan has a high maximum benefit for all age groups, including benefits up to $1,000,000 for persons in their sixties. All of these remarkable benefits and service options are being made available to your clients without breaking the bank. To request a product brochure and to hear more about the Bridge Plan, its benefits, services and pricing, please contact our medical insurance department at (800)345-8816.