It’s All Fun and Games

Yacht/Cruise Medical Insurance
It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Hurt!

Being a guest aboard a cruise ship or a private yacht, or serving as a crew member is exciting. It is an ancient and romantic dream that many have had since they were children. There is something magical about being at sea. Our thoughts are toward the adventure of the journey and not the “what ifs” that happen in the real world of life.

  • Visiting exotic ports
  • Scuba diving and snorkeling
  • Sun bathing
  • Enjoying crystal blue waters
  • Deep sea fishing

What more can there be?

The thought of getting sick or hurt is one of the last things we consider, however getting sick or hurt in at sea or in a foreign port does happen. Getting the best care and treatment can be difficult!

Most people assume that the doctor on board their cruise ship will help. The doctor will of course respond to an emergency, but it is not uncommon for someone seriously sick to be taken off-ship. In that event the ill passenger is no longer the responsibility of the cruise line. Travel insurance is a must to cover these situations.

Being a crew member is not only a great adventure but filled with potential safety issues that are often overlooked. A finger slammed in a hatch or lacerated severely by an anchor chain being raised or lowered are real and common issues. Yacht/cruise medical insurance can help with situations such as these.
Petersen International Underwriters offers different programs depending on the situation.

  • The USAway International Major Medical This is a short term medical plan to use while traveling on your journey.
  • The Yacht Medical Plan This is a long-term plan designed for crew members who need coverage around the world.

Contact us today for our 2010 brochures on these and other new medical plans designed for unique travel and international situations.