Keep a spirit of “SAVE THE CASE!”

You all invest tremendous time, effort and money with every potential client and case, but nothing is gained if you cannot complete a sale. That is why you devote yourself to each case because you want to see it through, plus you never know what new leads may come from a sale. However, limits in the traditional insurance market can sometimes obstruct your ability to make a sale.

When you run into roadblocks with a case, you must challenge yourself to explore other options in order to close. Perhaps you will need to consider another product or another company. You must not be discouraged by a “no” from your traditional source. There are solutions, and often times these solutions are found in the non-traditional market.

Petersen International Underwriters is committed to finding solutions so that you can make the sale. We have the ability to customize Disability, Life, Major Medical and Contingency Insurance plans to fit your clients’ needs. We will do everything possible to provide an offer of insurance to your unique clients. Contact us to learn more.