Kidnap & Ransom

Ever since the days of Harper’s Weekly correspondents bravely, yet sometimes foolishly reporting from the sidelines of American Civil War battlefields, journalists have risked their lives to provide newsworthy copy to the masses. And never has that been truer than it is today. As recently reported by the Associated Press, “at least 70 journalists were killed on the job around the world in 2013,” according to the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).

Whether embedded with military units, covering political conflicts in the Middle East and Africa or investigating socioeconomic trends in Central and South America, reporters and their crews find themselves as political or financial targets and scapegoats to morally inept and dangerous terror groups. As in other countries rife with organized crime, journalists in Mexico, for example, are viewed as sources of information leakage to authorities and threats of increased exposure. In addition to a variety of intimidation tactics, drug cartels use murder, kidnapping and corruption as methods of information control, making journalists live and work on a constant edge, balancing their passion to report the truth with their instinct to stay out of harm’s way. There is a clear and present danger to field journalism all over the world.

In order to mitigate practical and economic risks endured by traveling journalists, Petersen International Underwriters offers a portfolio of appropriate insurances. Short and long term International Term Life insurance is available worldwide on an individual or group basis. War & Terrorism coverage is a desired option to our Accidental Death, Disability and Major Medical plans. And our Kidnap & Ransom insurance, which includes crisis response services, has become a priority among war correspondents.

According to the CPJ, “sixty journalists have been abducted in Syria this year (2013) alone. Thirty are still missing.” The figures are alarming. Field journalists are in desperate need of protection, and Petersen International can help.

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