Kidnap/Ransom Insurance

Kidnap/Ransom Insurance is now as necessary as Medical Insurance when traveling outside the United States, and perhaps within the United States as well!

While not all kidnapping attempts are perpetrated by professionals, kidnapping is a Billion Dollar business around the globe. It is often run by carefully trained teams whose mission is simply to ransom people for money. These kidnapping rings have decision makers, a negotiation team, and an implementation team. It is a worldwide problem, and Americans traveling outside the US are preferred targets although they may not think of themselves as
targets. Your client does not need to be a head of state, or a rock star to be a target!

People can take precautions against kidnapping attempts, but they cannot insure that they will not be kidnapped when traveling in certain parts of the world whether for business or pleasure. However, they can afford the security of having a retainer, a professional response team that will be there to assist the family or company in the event of a kidnapping. Having a professional response team brings a higher degree of probability that there will be a safe conclusion in most cases.

Kidnap/Ransom Insurance provides an ability to meet cash ransom demands, and it carries with it the services of experienced response teams who work with the family and/or business for the safe return of the victim. In addition to kidnapping, there are other forms of crime which are covered under the EPIC 1 plan – illegal detention, extortion, home invasion, carjacking, and numerous other means of attempting to extort money from you.

Mentioning Kidnap/Ransom Insurance to your clients who will be traveling abroad is a service worth thinking about. Down load the Petersen International Underwriters EPIC 1 brochure or call us for more information.