Lemonade from Lemons

The pandemic that has swept through our country has created major stress in everyone’s lives.  Shopping and food supplies, while available, are more difficult to readily attain, and restocking often needs to be planned rather than just jumping in the car anytime you want.

There are also new stressors at home.  Kids must stay at home, the lack of social connections with seeing family and friends and many other social interactions are cut off.

Then we come to work issues.  Over three million have lost their jobs within a matter of days.  Others may have reduced work schedules or have to follow new rules such as working from home or splitting shifts.  Also, some couples may have one person still working and the other without a job.

This is our new paradigm, at least through April and probably beyond for some time, until the Covid-19 virus starts to retreat.

So how does this all become Lemonade?

First, I want to go on the record as saying that the intent of this article is NOT to play down or reduce the significance of the impact this virus has had on our country.  The following is to share some thoughts on how to add some positive aspects to how we are currently living our lives.

First, many people need a sense of being cared for.  Most of us won’t admit to this, but we all like knowing someone, ANYONE is thinking about us and our personal plight.


A simple phone call, or even e-mail, asking how they are doing, coping, dealing with the Stay-at-Home order.  Anyone in their family sick?  Just check on them!  They will appreciate it.  You are not calling them to ask for business, you are seeking affirmation of their wellbeing, and they are seeing that you care.

Back in 2007 when we were in the midst of a recession, many people lost their jobs at that time too.  Downsizing, rightsizing and outsizing were in vogue.  It was easy to have a discussion with business owners, executives and professional people about what would they do without their income, because they were SEEING people without an income!  What if the reason they were losing income was due to an accident or illness?  It is the same effect as if they lost their job.  People could relate to this type of discussion.  The need for disability insurance and sales increased because people could understand based upon the world around them at that time.

People are home.  Busy executives and business clients are staying put and not traveling.  Prior to a month ago, sometimes it was hard to contact a client, or prospect, because they were traveling, or in a meeting or whatever. Now they are not!

Take advantage of this time to contact clients and prospects to talk to them.  Discuss protecting their income.  Set appointments, or work on sales via the phone.

Petersen International Underwriters, like other insurance institutions, is open and making proposals, processing applications and claims and working hard to keep the insurance industry operational.

A client doesn’t want an exam because of fear of Covid-19?  “Accident only” coverages are easily put into place.

The point is this, just because of Social Distancing, it doesn’t mean business cannot still take place and at a usual pace.