Let’s Make Your Business More Rewarding

When was the last time you thought of your business as exciting…or really very interesting?  There are probably fleeting moments of elation, but most likely those revolve around bigger than usual commission scores.  It’s only natural to lose some enthusiasm especially when you have been in the same business for years.  Don’t you long for that excitement and drive you felt as a young advisor or new broker? 

You can build and maintain new enthusiasm by expanding your comfort zone.  Be innovative and inventive in your approach to your work.  And you must be proactive.  Act now.  Complacency is deadly in the financial services world, so it’s important to try new things.  Fresh marketing techniques and continuing education are a good start and strong tools in getting you outside your usual box.  Don’t be afraid to fail as long as you are willing to start again.  You will begin to not only find familiar product lines more interesting, but you may discover new marketplaces and ideas along the way.  Be sure to look to the specialty or niche market for sparks of enlightenment.

Petersen International is the cornerstone of the outlying disability, medical and life industries.  We are a virtual treasure trove of unique ideas and exciting insurance products developed in-house and released on a seemingly constant basis.  Petersen International can bring the excitement back to your business.  Let us help you provide your clients with offers of financial protection that no other agent or company has brought them before.  

Boutique products like our new Stock Option Disability Insurance plan and the Accelerated Benefit Excess Disability Insurance plan are both excellent income protection solutions that will intrigue your clients and prospects.  Many of our new product lines are proprietary and cannot be found elsewhere in the market, making their introductions to your clientele something special.

Our line of business will give you an advantageous reason to make an appointment and get back in front of your existing clients, offering coverage they probably don’t know exists while reinforcing their continued trust in you.  Call us today at (800)345-8816 to hear more about our newest insurances which will certainly bring the excitement back to your practice and the commissions into your pocket.