Life in the Fast Lane


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March 3, 2015

Life in the Fast Lane

On February 21st at the Daytona International Speedway in Florida, NASCAR star Kyle Busch lost control of his car in the closing laps of the race.  His vehicle slammed into an infield wall which was unprotected by safety barriers.  The immense impact of the crash left Busch seriously injured, suffering from a compound fracture to his right leg and a break in his left foot.  After two days in the hospital and multiple surgeries, he is now resting comfortably in his North Carolina home.  But his racing days are currently on hold, and there is no prognosis for his recovery or timeline for his return to the track.

Like Kyle, thousands of professional and amateur sportsmen and women jeopardize life and limb racing cars, trucks and motorcycles for the entertainment and cheers of the crowd.  Auto racing has become one of the nation’s largest spectator sports, and has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry that brings with it fame and fortune and the perpetually-imminent risk of disaster.  Current safety standards and practices have effectively lessened the risks of injury and death in recent years, yet those finalities will always be present in a sport of metal machines, racing in close proximity, transporting fragile human bodies at high speeds.

Kyle Busch’s injury could leave him temporarily or permanently disabled, unable to professionally race cars in the near or distant future.  Such an outcome would understandably be devastating to him both psychologically and emotionally, but as importantly, a long-term disablement would be a financial catastrophe to his young family.  The most immediate solution for such an unforeseen predicament is high-limit personal disability insurance.

Petersen International offers the RacerCover disability program, a flexible product that can be designed to indemnify a driver against disability due to accident and/or illness on and/or off the track.  RacerCover provides coverage for loss of current and future earnings as well as the potential loss of endorsement deals for drivers of all professional motorsports including NASCAR, Indy, Formula One, American Le Mans, NHRA and Motocross.

In addition to comprehensive disability insurance, Petersen International provides professional and amateur drivers with high-limit accidental death and dismemberment coverage which is available on an individual or team basis.

The constant risk of bodily injury exposes motorsport participants and their families to the prospects of economic hardship.  Petersen International has the fiscal tools necessary to temper and diminish such exposure.  Call (800) 345-8816 or email us today to find out how Petersen can help you find insurance for your professional and amateur racing clients.


Where Diligence Matters

We are proud to announce that Petersen International has been recognized by the Surplus Line Association of California as one of only five firms transacting insurance business in the state of California with less than 1% of filing errors in 2014.





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