Life Insurance Matters

A big thank you to everyone who participated in or sponsored last week’s Petersen International ALS Golf Classic.  As in years past, the tournament was a huge success, and we were able to assist in raising many thousands of dollars for the Golden West Chapter of the ALS association.  The day was beautiful, and the golf was fantastic.  Just a great experience with new and old friends.  But more importantly, significant donations were made to a meaningful charity working to fund medical research, help families in need and ultimately wipe out the devastating force of ALS.  Spectacularly, our own Tom Petersen performed a double ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to raise more money at the end of the evening.

The golf tournament was held in honor and in memoriam of John J. Russo II who died almost 10 years ago from the terrible complications of ALS.  He was my father.  Every year this golf tournament brings about many fond memories of Dad and of the typical laughter and smiles that accompanied his presence.  And of course, I am frequently reminded of the importance that insurance played in my parents’ lives during Dad’s final days as he struggled and fought with ALS.

Luckily, he had the foresight to financially safeguard his wife, their family and their estate with appropriate amounts of disability and life insurances.

The DI was relevant for a short while and helped to maintain their household and the mounting medical costs not covered by health insurance.  But my father survived less than a year after the official diagnosis, so the life insurance became a rare bright point during a very dark time for my family.

The insurance proceeds have allowed my mother to maintain her lifestyle, her home and her estate without the need to fear retirement or outliving her financial assets.  Life insurance has allowed her to focus on enjoying the rest of her life with her kids and grandkids and not worrying about making ends meet on a regular basis or being forced to work into older age. Life insurance matters because it can make the significant difference for beneficiaries between simply surviving and truly living.