Lost Income is Income in Any Form

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Lost Income is Income in Any Form

“I thought you would like to hear this,” wrote a Brokerage General Agent. “I had a broker with a case that was declined by two of our industry’s largest and oldest disability insurers due to a capital gains situation,” he continued “After your presentation, I called the broker back and explained that I had found a solution. I just heard back from him with word that he has sold the case.”

Not a big premium, but most importantly, we have a happy broker, and he has a happy client.

This story is not atypical for Petersen International Underwriters. We pride ourselves in putting all of our effort into finding a solution. Big or small, makes no difference because a happy customer is a good customer, and happy customers are great sources of referrals.

Let Petersen International help make your customers happy and help get you more referrals.