Medicare Enrollment Woes

With the continuous onslaught of Baby Boomers reaching the age of retirement, Medicare enrollment numbers are growing by leaps and bounds.  Yet for a number of reasons, every year thousands of U.S. retirees fail to secure the proper health insurance.  Many U.S. citizens simply neglect to sign-up for Medicare or miss their allotted enrollment windows.  Others have Medicare Part A or Part B, but have missed the enrollment period for one part or the other.  Another common scenario involves foreign nationals who have immigrated to the United States and have yet to become eligible for Medicare.  Despite the measurable strides the Affordable Care Act has made in the world of healthcare, medical insurance gaps subsist in this country, and they are unfortunately numerous.

So, let me introduce you or reintroduce you to The Bridge Plan.  Developed decades ago by Petersen International as an economical short-term healthcare solution for Americans of Medicare age, The Bridge Plan was designed to provide insurance to those not yet eligible for Medicare enrollment who are outside the age requirements of private carriers.  The product’s tagline “bridging the gap to Medicare eligibility” perfectly outlines the need for this type of insurance as an affordable solution to the multitude of U.S. residents who have unfortunately missed Medicare enrollment windows or who are not yet eligible due to residency restrictions.

The plan itself simulates the many benefits of Medicare in that it covers the costs of hospitalization, hospice care, skilled nursing facilities, home care as well as physician and surgeon costs including office visits.  The Bridge Plan requires no co-pays, and insured persons may be treated at any hospital or by any doctor in the United States without network restrictions.

The Bridge Plan is now available, by simplified-issue, to your clients between the ages of 59 and 96 who have been unable to secure the proper and necessary health insurance.  There is no reason your American and foreign national clients should go without medical insurance for even a day in this country.  

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