Military Doctors Have Unique DI Needs

Medical doctors face two large financial concerns. The first is how to finance the high cost of the required education and training to become qualified to practice medicine. The second is how to adequately insure against the loss of future income.

Many will look at an option provided by the U.S. Military of funded education in exchange for a multi-year commitment to serve in the United States Army, Navy, or Air Force. Upon completion of the commitment, there is the possibility that he or she will leave the military and become a successful civilian practitioner with a greatly increased paycheck. These potentially high incomes and future increases require specialized high-limit disability insurance plans to protect against an untimely illness or injury that could cause all of those dreams to collapse.

Petersen International Underwriters is pleased to announce that the physicians and surgeons of the US Armed Forces, and other professionals whose current and future incomes are underinsured, are now able to adequately protect their livelihoods. Our government protects only the base rank pay of military officers. Unprotected are any additional compensation, bonus income, housing allowance, outside income or the biggest threat which is future income.

Monthly benefits to insure two-thirds of these professionals’ incomes are available with this new plan and an additional lump sum benefit in the amount of up to ten times an annual income can be prescribed to indemnify the loss of future earnings.

It is good to help provide these brave men and women with the adequate financial protection, perhaps in kind for the protection they provide for our freedom.