Mining for Gold: Automatic Issue Disability Insurance


A great way to increase your revenue and customer satisfaction is by mining through some of your recent files in search of untapped gold. Petersen International Underwriters’ Top Hat™ plan will place up to $10,000 of additional monthly benefit on top of traditional Disability Insurance policies that have been fully underwritten and issued within the previous 90 days.


Prospecting vs. Mining


By Prospecting, you are looking for new clients. There is no direct evidence of existing business. You are seeking new clients with whom to place your existing product line. This is, of course, necessary for any business.


By Mining, you are only looking within your known customer base. This means you are marketing to customers who have purchased from you in the past, with whom you already have a relationship but can now provide a new service or product.


The Top Hat™ plan is perhaps the best Mining tool for the placement of excess disability insurance.


Here is how the Mining operation works for you –


Step 1: Take a look at ALL disability policies which you have placed within the past 90 days, and assess whether their total coverage replaces 65% of the income.


Step 2: Contact PIU for a proposal of an added layer of disability insurance using the Top Hat™ plan.


Step 3: Contact your client and share the great news with them… You can provide them with additional disability insurance protection WITHOUT any further underwriting! And since we have completed the application for them, all you need to collect is a signature and a check!


This is also a great opportunity to visit with your client again and keep the connection fresh. Contact our office today for more information.