Mission Possible

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month.  Industry professionals have set aside this time of year to pay homage to the grandiose history and promising future of the life insurance community, sharing testimonials and insights into sales techniques, consumer advocacy, new product development and legislative agendas.  This is also a time for agents and brokers to discover novel insurance outlets and trending solutions for roadblocks they may have encountered throughout the year while searching for appropriate coverage for their life clients.

An example of one of those shortfalls is the continuously emerging market of foreign aid workers and missionaries stationed throughout the towns and villages of the world.  The international missionary sector finds it notoriously difficult acquiring suitable life insurance policies for its members.  U.S.-domiciled carriers usually refrain from offering international travelers and American expats life insurance, term or otherwise.

For more than fifteen years, Petersen International has been marketing and underwriting a proprietary term life program backed by the financial powerhouse Lloyd’s of London.  The International Term Life Insurance Plan was developed for U.S. citizens working or living outside the United States, and can be written on an individual or group chassis.  It is the perfect solution for church organizations, missionary endeavors and international business assignments.

The product provides short and long term coverage on risks anywhere in the world including political, social and environmental “hot spots” without any geographical exclusion.  And unlike a traditional life insurance program, Petersen’s International Term Life Plan can be applied for, underwritten, approved and delivered while the client is residing outside the U.S.  We also make it possible for clients to have any necessary medical exams or labs performed while overseas, removing as much burden from the applicant as possible.

There is an outstanding long term life insurance solution for your worldly clientele and it is the International Term Life Plan from Petersen International.  Call us today, (800)345-8816, for more information and an outline of available coverage.