Great Ideas for Unique Insurance Sales Opportunities: More Uses for Business Overhead Insurance

More Uses for Business Overhead Insurance

Take the case of…

Dr. C is married to Dr. J. Dr. J owns the practice. Dr. C is a W-2 employee. They share the expenses of the practice equally. Traditional carriers will not offer Dr. C any Overhead Disability Insurance because Dr. C is not an owner, but an employee. This is not an issue for Petersen International Underwriters. We view the case as it is and insure the obligations of Dr. C, who though an employee has agreed to share the overhead costs. In like circumstances, we also know that traditional disability carriers balk when there are multiple doctors in the same practice and they request Overhead Expense coverage.

Petersen International Underwriters can arrange benefits of $1,000 to $100,000 per month or more, so there is no reason your clients should be under-insured. Note: Watch for signs that Dr. C will want to buy in to Dr. J’s practice. Petersen International offers a market distinctive “Buy-In” DI funding coverage. When a case seems difficult, remember to call us before you give up. Petersen International Underwriters when your traditional carrier cannot…or will not.