New Online Bridge Plan Application

Your health insurance clients may now apply electronically for the very exclusive Bridge Major Medical Plan. This streamlined automated service is at your clients’ fingertips and allows for easier completion and submission of Bridge Plan applications.

Petersen International Underwriters designed and developed the Bridge Plan to provide major medical insurance in the likeness of Medicare for persons over the age of 59 who are not yet eligible for or missed enrollment in either Medicare Part A and/or Part B. The Bridge Plan can provide coverage for hospitalization and physician/surgeon costs. Over the years, this plan has proven to be indispensible for U.S. citizens who have missed Medicare enrollment and are under the threat of living partially or completely uninsured.

Foreign nationals who may or may not have established permanent residency in the United States are also finding the Bridge Plan to be invaluable. Lacking citizenship status, foreigners over the age of 64 are usually unable to acquire Medicare insurance until they have at least five years of permanent U.S. residency. Therefore, healthcare such as the Bridge Plan is essential for those who are new to our country and are not eligible for Medicare.

In addition to the new Bridge Plan online application, Petersen International Underwriters provides an online application platform for all of our disability insurance plans as well as online application and instant enrollment in our international and travel medical and accidental death insurance products. All of these application and enrollment tools can be customized to fit your agency’s marketing needs and help promote and brand you as an efficient, modern and technology-savvy insurance professional, attending to your clients’ best interests.

Log in to the Producer Zone today to learn more about our online application capabilities and how Petersen International can make applying for our insurance products easier and more cost effective to you and your valued clients.