New Product Alert! – The Simplified Underwriting DI Plan

Like life insurance products, disability programs come in many different shapes and sizes designed to fit varying client needs and budgets.  But acquiring sufficient amounts of DI can be challenging and time consuming to both broker and client alike.

To make the challenge of attaining excess disability insurance much easier and more engaging to high-net-worth prospects and their insurance agents, Petersen International Underwriters is pleased to announce the launch of the Simplified Underwriting DI plan.  The “own-occupation” defined product will streamline the underwriting and acquisition of excess disability coverage, saving your clients valuable time and money.

Once your client has been approved for and issued a fully-underwritten disability policy from a “traditional” domestic DI carrier, within 90 days of said purchase, your client is eligible to complete and submit an application for Petersen International’s Simplified Underwriting plan which requires no exams, no labs and no medical records.

Waiving such requirements of costly paramedical exams, blood draws and urinalyses allows Petersen International to reduce underwriting periods by more than half while passing along additional cost savings to applicants in the form of reduced premiums.

This new program will certainly alleviate the hassles and headaches associated with traditional disability insurance underwriting timetables as well as generally lowering rates for those seeking additional layers of income protection in the form of excess DI.

Contact our disability department at (800)345-8816 for quotes or to hear more about the next star product in the Petersen catalogue of coverage.