New Travel Medical Plan

USAway Brochure CoverWe are pleased to announce a major overhaul of our USAway Major Medical plan.  The new USAway Major Medical has lower premium rates, is available in more states, and has an enhanced online quoting/enrollment system. 

Last year the USAway Major Medical transitioned exclusively to an online enrollment which greatly reduced the underwriting and policy issuance expenses for the program.  With the reduced plan costs, underwriters are able to pass along the savings to consumers.  In some instances, premiums have reduced more than 50%. 

In addition to lower premium costs, consumers will also enjoy an enhanced online quoting/enrollment experience.  The streamlined enrollment system has been redesigned to make enrollments as simple as possible including a new premium matrix.  Click here for screenshots of the new system. 

The new USAway Major Medical will utilize a California based insurance trust to issue policies and allow enrollments from all states except Maryland, New York, and South Dakota.  With all of the business funneling through the California insurance trust, the new program will now require insurance producers to be licensed in California (either resident or non-resident licensed) in order to receive the commission.  If you do not currently hold a California license, a non-resident license can be obtained via NIPR at a cost of $85 per year. 


New Marketing

The existing USAway Major Medical custom producer links will automatically be updated to the new version on 3/1/18 so producers will not need to update their existing links.  Make sure you are ready for the March 1st 2018 release date. 

Visit the Producer Zone at to make sure you have the new custom branded brochure from the custom marketing page.  The Producer Zone can also be used to get a copy of your custom producer links.