Not Just a Disability Shop

Lloyd's of London BuildingFor almost 70 years, the Petersen name has been synonymous with the disability insurance industry. W. Harold Petersen was raised under the financial weight of his own father’s disablement, so in adulthood, Mr. Petersen sought to immerse himself in the early teachings of income protection. He has made it his life’s work, his career to share that knowledge and strict belief in disability insurance for all working Americans.

His journey in the world of life/health insurance brought him through carrier home offices, independent brokerage outfits, retail agencies and finally to the wholesale underwriting business where he created Petersen International Underwriters almost 40 years ago.

His unwavering loyalty to disability insurance and his search for products that could help those who were traditionally uninsurable or underinsured through domestic channels ultimately led to a partnership with the Lloyd’s of London marketplace. Through his association with Lloyd’s and a newfound greater insurance landscape, Mr. Petersen was introduced to other, complimentary specialty lines that have found their way to the PIU portfolio. The results have been tried and tested and are clearly outstanding.

The flexibility and liberal underwriting methodologies of the European specialty markets have for decades proved to be a superior fit for the disability business, but PIU has also been able to successfully utilize those rare resources to provide unique life insurance solutions to the U.S. market.

High-limit, impaired-risk life insurance is the domestic industry’s Bigfoot. There are rumors abound, but it simply doesn’t exist. Yet, Petersen International has developed programs that provide high-limit death benefits to indemnify corporate risks for key person, buy/sell and business loan exposure on impaired-risk cases that have been declined across the board in the traditional life market due to health, occupation, avocation, legal or drug/alcohol issues.

PIU has also become a substantial force in the realm of medical insurance. For several volatile years, the industry has been witness to the heavy hand of the federal government and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Rules are ever changing and insurers keep coming and going, creating all sorts of coverage gaps throughout the country. In a righteous bid to combat the shortcomings of ACA-compliant plans, Petersen International developed a sought-after short-term medical policy that continues to be an advantageous solution for many Americans.

Other healthcare products in the PIU portfolio include a variety of travel medical programs and worldwide accident insurance with terrorism benefits. Globalization has brought business and travel to every corner of the planet, and Americans and American businesses can be found in every country no matter the political or physical dangers found in an exotic locale.

Visit the PIU website,, or request a catalogue of coverage at (800)345-8816 to receive more information regarding the large portfolio of unique insurance lines that Petersen International offers. We were founded in disability insurance, but we have grown to specialize in so much more.