Online Major Medical

Recently Petersen International Underwriters christened the new Online Major Medical Plan. The plan is designed for insurance professionals to sell and provide policies directly to clients with minimal involvement. Simply by placing the unique producer link (provided by Petersen’s) on your website, clients can:

* Purchase coverage
* Print out the policy
* Print the ID Cards
* Print out a letter to help them obtain a VISA, and
* Generate a commission to you.

The best part about having a link on the web is that it is as though you are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. For agents that do not have a website they can email their client the unique link. Purchasing coverage is a breeze taking less than 5 minutes no matter what computer skills your clients have.

Who is the target market?

US Residents traveling abroad (resident does not need to be a citizen and does not need to be in the USA to apply)


  • Students studying abroad
  • Executives going overseas for work assignments
  • Missionaries
  • Vacationers who need medical coverage / Medical evacuation while outside the USA.
  • VISA requirements by foreign nations
  • Crew members of a private yacht
  • Clients traveling on cruise liners
  • Travel agencies