Opportunities in World-Wide Coverage

The airlines are flying, cruise ships are sailing; trains, buses and autos are transporting people to destinations near and far.

Clients need and deserve the best in coverage and rates to insure them against the perils of travel. An additional concern is imposed on travelers in the world of today, which is marked by the peril of terrorist attacks.

For people going to terrorist territories we have our special Terrorist Coverage. This is separate and distinctive and has been custom built for the civilians traveling to Afghanistan and Iraq.

Those folks who refuse to be cowed by Terrorist and continue to be about their business and pleasure can be accommodated by medical expenses coverage, Ambulance Service, Prescription Drugs, Repatriation of Remains, Global Medical Transportation, Lost Luggage, Trip Cancellation Costs, Emergency Return Home, Follow Me Home and Accidental Death. The USAway and the International Major Medical provide these comprehensive coverages for periods of 1 day up to 12 months.

Permanent relocation and citizens of the World may be accommodated by the permanent plan of protection called Worldwide Major Medical.


Reservations are being made for graduation trips, for exchange student returns, for business, religious and pleasure travel.

Good public relations can result from a client alert as to these excellent travel benefits. High Limit Accident, International Term Life and Disability Income will
fit many of these needs.