Pilot Loss of License Insurance

For years, Petersen International Underwriters has pioneered the pilot disability insurance market.  Our policies have provided “own occupation” total disability insurance to thousands of licensed professional pilots.  Own occupation disability policies were appropriate for most pilots, but considering the strict medical qualifications and requirements of the current aviation regulatory bodies throughout the world, the need for true “loss of license” coverage has become evident.  Over time, the financial needs of the professional aviator have evolved, and now so has income protection for professional pilots.


It is our pleasure to present the new Pilot Loss of License insurance plan.  The product provides temporary and/or permanent loss of license coverage with monthly and lump sum benefit payouts.  The plan is a winning match for both individual pilots and groups.  Added benefits include recurrent loss of license, waiver of premium as well as survivorship compensation.  And the rates are competitive with any other pilot income protection plan.