Great Ideas for Unique Insurance Sales Opportunities: Producers Are Heroes

Producers Are HEROES
Take the Case of…Producer JM
We want to share a production story with you which might help you to appreciate the value of our products. Very recently JM was called upon by a producer to see if he could help with a problem. The problem was that two firms had recently merged, and a few of the top executives were being relieved of their duties due to redundancy. These executives were promised a severance package which included the continuation of the LTD insurance. After being told by the group carrier that they could not continue coverage for the exemployees, and then checking with 3 other disability carriers who also declined due to the fact that these executives were now unemployed, the company needed a new solution. JM was the 4th producer that was called to try to help. JM knew that Petersen International Underwriters handles unique risks and after a quick phone call, he reported back to his clients that he had the solution. He was the hero, and the door has been swung wide open for him to discuss a great deal more business with the consolidated firm.