Product News and Enhancements

Here is our summer blockbuster:

Petersen International is excited to announce the official launch of the most progressive high-limit DI plan in the history of the American insurance industry.  Working with a top-rated European insurer, we have developed an “own occupation” excess disability policy with a 10 year term of insurance!

This is the only 10 year term high-limit disability product on the market, and it’s exclusive to Petersen International.  The program is available to preferred-risk clientele who are in need of personal excess or supplemental disability insurance.  It’s so cutting-edge in that the premium rates, benefit schedules and policy definitions are completely guaranteed and non-cancellable for 10 years which is double the maximum 5 year term length found in the rest of the market.

The 10 year term policy is the perfect tool that will help elevate you above your competition.  It’s as straightforward as it sounds.

On the healthcare front, another PIU portfolio enhancement has been made to our Short Term Major Medical insurance plan.  The platform is now available to U.S. citizens, residents, and visitors up to 64 years of age which allows for more practical applications for clients who are not quite Medicare eligible.

Call us today at (800)345-8816 for more information about our new 10 year term DI plan or the Short Term Major Medical product.