Product Spotlight: StarCover®

Petersen International is deeply rooted in the entertainment industry. We were founded just several miles from the famous and conspicuous Hollywood sign, and for almost 40 years, we have been privileged to write high-limit disability insurance and specialty life programs for the who’s who of show business.

Several decades ago, W. Harold Petersen developed the first American high-limit DI plan specifically intended to insure the stars of film, television and music. The product was aptly named StarCover®, providing indispensable income protection to actors, comedians, recording artists, YouTube influencers, anyone who makes a living on a stage or in front of a camera performing to an audience.

Recently, the product has had a complete makeover, modernized and refurbished for today’s evolving showbiz clientele. The new focus of StarCover® is fiduciary security and income protection of the Hollywood elite including those that use the ever-expanding entertainment platform of the internet. Those working behind the scenes can still find excellent coverage through Petersen’s Entertainment Industry Disability Insurance Plan, but StarCover® is now available just for the men and women that work in front of the camera.

The plan boasts a true “own occupation” definition of disability as well as the richest monthly and lump sum benefit schedules available in the industry. What explicitly sets the StarCover® platform apart from the rest of the market and from general entertainment industry disability insurance is its optional “disfigurement rider.” A sensational breakthrough, the uniquely designed “disfigurement rider” provides primary benefits to a client who has become irreparably maimed or scarred due to an accident or sickness, but is still physically able to work and isn’t considered disabled under traditional industry definitions.

The StarCover® “disfigurement rider” has become very important to the many stars whose likeness is their brand and whose beauty or interesting physical persona is the key to their popularity and financial success.

The StarCover® disability program is in the spotlight, and is the greatest beacon of financial preservation and peace of mind for the famous faces of Hollywood. To learn more about this plan, its special options as well as our other robust income protection products for the rest of the entertainment industry, please contact our DI department at (800)345-8816.