Ramp Up Your DI Sales This May

To help you prepare for Disability Insurance Awareness Month in May, top disability insurance producers and experts in the field will help you:

  • Learn about the two-for-one sale—how you can sell DI at the same time you sell life insurance, without adding time or cost. —Tom Petersen, Petersen International
  • Make more DI sales to employers by showing them that it’s “good for everyone” and is often “free” to add to their benefits plans —Brad Elman, Nine Dots Benefits
  • Understand the gap between what your clients know about DI and what you assume they know (but don’t). Bridging that gap means getting more clients the DI coverage they need. —Barry Lundquist, the Council for Disability Awareness
  • Speak with conviction to all your clients about the importance of having disability insurance. —DIAM Spokesperson Rosemarie Rossetti


Plus: Learn about the turnkey tools and resources that the LIFE Foundation has for producers to quickly put together an effective DIAM campaign (without too much effort!).