Reflections Back and Glances Forward

Summer has officially past. Here, our scalding Southern California temperatures are still readily present, but the days are getting shorter. The past few months have brought deadly fire, nagging drought, oppressive heat and disastrous flooding to many states throughout the U.S. Presumably, property and casualty insurance companies are seeking reprieves which should come with the changing of seasons and more temperate times.

Those of us with interests within the international life and health insurance industry have witnessed a wave of recent terrorist activity in Africa and the Middle East, reaffirming the importance of International Term Life Insurance, High Limit Accidental Death Insurance and Kidnap/Ransom Insurance, all of which Petersen International Underwriters provides including coverage for acts of war and terrorism. Our USAway International Major Medical Plan also offers war and terrorism coverage. All of these products have proven time and again to be a necessity for U.S. expatriates, traveling business persons and American tourists.

Meanwhile, on the domestic front, American life insurance producers have been reflecting and rejoicing in their industry. September 2013 was Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM). Insurance professionals across the country celebrated the 10th anniversary of LIAM by instilling in the minds of prospective clients and sharing with colleagues the utter importance and benefits of life insurance in all of its forms. This has proven to be a significant challenge considering the fact that the average American family lacks the disposable income needed (common conception) for insurance purchases above and beyond auto and medical. We support LIAM and the Life Foundation in their constant advocacy of life and disability insurance awareness.

As we look to and attempt to anticipate the future, we witness much uncertainty in the health insurance industry. The looming healthcare reform will bring many changes in the insurance world, not only in the private insurance sector, but also among Medicare clients. Brokers, agents and advisors must be ready and willing to adapt, and optimism is always important.

From where we stand, the future is bright. Many Petersen International product developments and enhancements lay on the horizon. Bigger and better tools will soon be at the hands of the producers with whom Petersen International does business. We look forward to working with you in the future to bring your clients the coverage they need and the benefits they usually can’t find.