Repetition and Perseverance Make DI Sales

When marketing and selling disability insurance, one article, one blog entry, one flyer, one advertisement or one client meeting is not going to cut it.  Perseverance is important.  Petersen International has been in the disability business for more than 40 years, and one of the most important things we have learned is that you have to do it all, and you have to do it on a consistent basis because disability insurance simply doesn’t sell itself.

DI isn’t like life insurance or medical insurance.  People know they will someday die and they now are required to have health insurance, so life and medical policy sales tend to be less resistant.  It is human nature to feel physically infallible during one’s income-accumulation years before the age of retirement.  But, that is a great and costly folly of our society.  The average American doesn’t lend enough respect to the forces of nature, and we don’t realize how common disablement due to an accident or sickness truly is.  And therefore, disability insurance doesn’t sell itself. 

It requires guidance from a learned and experienced advisor, a trusted insurance agent; someone who recognizes the obvious truth that millions of working Americans suffer short and long-term disabilities every year.

But that hasn’t stopped some insurance and online marketing companies from thinking they can sell DI like they sell car or burial insurance.  Many have developed electronic platforms providing low levels of disability insurance on a simplified-issue basis.  The results we have seen come to market have been underwhelming to say the least, and most of these pop-up marketers have fizzled out quickly.

You can put a sales link, even an electronic application on your website and it will work for medical insurance, travel insurance, accident programs, even forms of life insurance.  But that link will not provide successful results when it comes to disability insurance.  

Disability sales take finesse and repetition.  You have to have to be relentless to your prospects similarly as we have been relentless in our strategic messages to insurance agents for decades that they must be mindful of the importance of DI.  Pound it into your clients’ thinking that DI is a fundamental need.  They don’t know or think they need it and you have to show them the real truth – for the protection of their livelihoods, for the protection of their families.

Catch their attention with true and frightening disability statistics.  Intrigue them with relatable case studies.  Hit them from multiple marketing angles, not only for a healthy, long-lasting commission, but for your clients’ own good.  Disability insurance should always be on your mind and it will, in turn, carryover to your valued book of business.