Revel in the Madness that is March

It’s a busy time; a lot going on.  The seasons should be changing and soon the clocks will be “springing” ahead.  Much of the country has been under a relentless barrage of snow and ice storms.  Soon, young families and college co-eds will be flocking south for school breaks, seeking relief from the winter cold.  As for the rest of the world, all eyes are on the developing Russia and Ukraine conflict.

This is an ample time for travel insurance sales includinginternational major medical, trip cancellation and emergency medical evacuation coverage.  Other products to keep in mind for your clients making their way throughout the world are travel accident insurance, international term life insurance and kidnap and ransom insurance.  The latter has become an important and emerging product for business persons and tourists traveling south of the United States border.  Kidnappings for ransom have become an epidemic in Mexico and parts of Central and South America, and Petersen International has the products, tools and crisis teams to protect your group, family and individual clients during unexpected life-threatening circumstances.

This month also brings the usually much celebrated and much clichéd (a la Dick Vitale) March Madness – NCAA Basketball Tournament.  In recent years, NCAA basketball has lost some of its sparkle and devoted following due to the “one and done” of some star athletes leaving for the pro ranks after only one year at the college level.  But many of us will continue to sit in front of the television cheering on our schools, closely eyeing the meticulously contemplated tournament bracket scribbled on a piece of paper in high hopes of riches.  On the professional football front, draft prospects and free agents are busy advertising themselves to teams, and contract negotiations are set to begin.

Petersen International is on the forefront of underwriting professional athlete high limit temporary and permanent disability insurances.  We can cover players on and/or off the field with accident and sickness disability coverage.  We are also leaders in the college athlete market providing “loss of value” and draft protection insurance for all professional sports.

As we roll into the next phase of the year, let Petersen International Underwriters guide you through the madness.  We know this market because we created this market.  Call on us today to help you provide your clients with the most unique ideas in income and financial protection.