Risk Spotlight – Real Life Case

A woman was in the middle of a contemptuous divorce, and was needing to secure $3,000,000 of term insurance on the life of her ex-spouse to satisfy the couple’s divorce decree.  Although the insurance policy was court ordered, she struggled to find a carrier willing to insure her 53-year-old ex-husband because of his documented past of alcohol abuse and treatment with multiple rehabilitation stints going back many years.

After a referral from a general agency, her insurance agent reached out to Petersen International for any possible solution to financially insure the divorce agreement.  We were able to prescribe a simplified-issue, 12-month term Failure to Survive insurance policy with a face amount of $3,000,000.  The policy serves to indemnify the contract of the divorce decree in case of the death of her ex-spouse, and she may reapply for the insurance every year without the full medical underwriting of her ex.

Petersen International has unique financial solutions for impaired-risk and hard-to-place cases.