Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome…

will drive sales of life, medical and disability insurance in the opinion of insurance leaders. The deadly flue-like virus is appearing in spots all over the world. A full all-out war is being waged against the invisible foe in an attempt to hold it to localized areas.

About 8000 cases have been identified worldwide. Six Hundred deaths have been recorded thus far. No cure has yet been developed. Following World War I the 1914-18 era, an influenza epidemic swept the U. S. and the world. There was no counter active help except the immune system of a person’s body. Thousands did not survive, but new medicines were developed and until SARS, the flu-like diseases have in general, been successfully combated.

While we wait for the vaccine to subdue SARS, people once again must have hope and plan contingency financial plans. We have been informed that some insurers are putting SARS exclusions in their coverage’s. THIS WE DO NOT DO, instead we offer the Proposed Insured a choice of a rating to cover SARS or an exclusion without a rating.

Our national and international plans provide full coverage for SARS. This is a good public relations message for clients. Advise them that this very serious peril can be covered with International Medical, Disability and Life Coverage’s, which they should buy anyway.