Saving the Day with Online Payments

We had a client call us worried about getting a premium installment payment in to us before his coverage lapsed. He could have mailed in the check but that would have taken a number of days and would have arrived past his due date. Luckily for the client, PIU’s online payment system allowed him to immediately pay his premium. The option to pay online with an electronic check was pointed out to him, and while he was still on the phone he went online and logged on to his account by entering his certificate number and payment code that is stated on his billing notice. He put in his information received confirmation that payment has been received right away. This saved him the time and hassle of mailing a premium as well as worrying about payment arriving in time.

Our online tools and resources make doing business easier than ever for both our producers and their insured’s. Contact us today to learn more about our services and products.