Sochi Games…On Thin Ice

Is Russia truly ready for the commencement of the 22nd Winter Olympiad? The Olympics are due to begin in nine days in the Black Sea coastal city of Sochi, Russia’s largest resort town. While the Olympics usually mark a time of celebration, nationalistic pride, healthy competition and global cooperation, the nearing Sochi Games have recently prompted fear and controversy among tourists, athletes and politicians alike.


Forget the over-budget billions spent on improving crumbling infrastructure around the city or the stories of political and corporate corruption, there are more serious threats to this international gathering.


Hundreds of thousands of foreign travelers are headed to the city, but there are growing security concerns due to recent terrorist activities in and around the Caucasus region as of late. Sochi has become a prime target for terror groups, and the world is wary. Russian authorities are currently searching for “black widow” (young, female suicide bomber) suspects rumored to have arrived inside the city limits. There are additional concerns of possible police or governmental actions against gay-rights activists who are planning protests of Russian anti-homosexual laws. Our hopes of a successful and beautiful Winter Olympics could be dashed by catastrophe, as horrific memories of the 1972 massacre in Munich still haunt many of us.


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