Solutions for Unusual Life Risks

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM).  Hopefully you have all seen and used the great marketing material and informational pieces coming out of Life Happens in coordination with LIAM.  This year’s LIAM spokesperson is the recording artist Kelly Rowland who has enjoyed a lucrative solo career following her time as part of the renowned trio Destiny’s Child.  Her message to the public is that having life insurance eases her heart and mind and safeguards her beloved family for the future.  Every American should have sufficient life insurance so as to mitigate the risk of financial difficulty upon family and loved ones in case of an unexpected passing.

Life insurance benefits aren’t going to stop the pain and grieving and they certainly won’t replace the loss of a loved one.  But the financial security that is brought about by having life insurance begins to curb the economic uncertainties facing a family who prematurely loses and income earner.  Replacement of lost future income does bring reassurance to those dealing with a death, shedding some light on usually very dark times.

Petersen International offers term insurance and other products that provide death benefits on risks that don’t fit into the usual life insurance mold.  Our Failure to Survive product line offers simplified-issue coverage on business risks, indemnifying buy/sell agreements, business loans and key person situations.  The insurance requires no exams or labs and can be underwritten on preferred, standard and impaired risks in a relatively short matter of time.

We also have an incredibly adaptive accidental death (AD) insurance platform that provides viable options for many hard-to-place risks.  Petersen’s AD plan is a regular solution to coverage for professional athletes, pilots, amateur and professional motorsports enthusiasts, international travelers, extreme sports fanatics, persons working overseas and as importantly, to those who just can’t qualify for traditional life insurance due to less-than-preferred health histories.  Our AD coverage is very flexible, affordable and can be written on group and individual chassis. 

Petersen International is synonymous with unusual risk.  We have been writing hard-to-place disability cases for decades.  The same goes for life insurance.  We have extraordinary solutions that aren’t available through most U.S. carriers.  Next time you have a tough life case to place, give us a call at (800)345-8816.