Solving Common Disability Underwriting Problems

On a daily basis, Petersen International Underwriters helps producers solve many of the common underwriting problems for which traditional disability carriers can’t or won’t provide solutions.

Ninety nine percent of the occupations in the world today can be considered for disability insurance. When you encounter a “no” in the occupational guide of your favorite traditional carrier, know that there may be a solution for the problem elsewhere. Occupations such as artists, ship captains, pilots, offshore oil workers, fishermen, stunt performers, actors, professional athletes, writers, and loggers are all now insurable, as are all occupations in the financial world: floor traders, hedge fund managers, people who work at home, and those who manage their own accounts.

Have you ever run into the problem with a disability application that has been declined due to a high net worth, too much unearned income, or income which is reported through capital gains? These problems are not uncommon. A real estate developer must get up every day and report to work just as a W-2 employee must. But because his income is generated by the sale of the building project and comes to him as a capital gain does not mean he does not need a solid disability income replacement plan.

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May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month (DIAM) sponsored by the LIFE Foundation. Go to learn more about DIAM and get useful tools for promoting income protection with Disability Insurance.