Stock Option Disability Insurance

Among publicly traded companies, executives are compensated in various ways.  The most usual of compensation includes salaries, bonuses and stock options.  It has become commonplace for many officers of large corporations to receive relatively modest salaries, but be awarded astronomical stock options that frequently equate to upwards of 80% of total compensation.  But when these corporate giants seek-out personal disability insurance, some flagrant discrepancies and shortfalls arise.

In terms of employee benefits and personal disability insurance, most U.S. executives are seriously underinsured.  A major reason for that lack of proper income insurance is that domestic disability carriers are not willing to cover stock option compensation.  As a result, Petersen International has conceived an exclusive disability insurance program with a focus on providing stock option income protection.

The Stock Option Disability Insurance Plan is a long-term, own-occupation product designed to financially indemnify those who regularly receive compensation in the form of corporate stock options in case of career-ending disablement.  Benefits are paid in a lump sum equating up to five times the monetary annual average of the last three years of stock option awards.

Furthermore, stock option disability coverage can be purchased independent of traditional base or excess, high-limit income protection insurance without effecting usual DI coverage income participation guidelines and limitations.  Purchasing the Stock Option Plan from Petersen International in no way limits or discounts total or residual disability benefits from other plans.

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