Strengthen Your Corporate Branding

Twenty-first century marketing is an art form.  Expansive and evolving technologies have allowed for the dynamic growth of advertising in the business world of not only marketing your wares and your services, but also your own persona.  We call this “branding.”  Over the last couple of decades, professional athletes, Hollywood stars and savvy companies have mastered this phenomenon, creating consumer demand from a well-constructed marketing identity.

Like the Michael Jordans, the Kim Kardashians and the Geicos of the world, you too should be branding your firm.  Petersen International continues to develop marketing platforms to assist insurance professionals, like you, with bettering their business methodologies and achieving higher levels of financial success by improving operations efficiency and corporate branding opportunities.

We have developed an easy-to-follow program that will design and implement primary corporate branding or co-branding of your agency’s own logo and contact information on Petersen International marketing material.  Using this platform, you will easily be able to brand product brochures and formal insurance proposals.

This incredible tool is now available to you electronically through the PIU Producer Zone.  Log-on to the zone using your username and password.  Then click the “custom marketing” link to begin the self-branding process.  If you are not a current Producer Zone user, please contact our office by email at to subscribe.