Take Advantage of the Hottest Commodity in High-Limit Disability

GSIIf you are an insurance agent and you have clients who are physicians or surgeons of any kind Petersen International will help you turn your regular individual DI case opportunities into easily-managed, high-limit excess group disability policies. Those dependable doctor clients of yours have partners and associates who make up physician groups and surgery centers that are in dire need of and sincerely want additional disability insurance.

GSI disability insurance is the hottest commodity to hit the high-limit disability market in years and there is no end in sight. We are writing prosperous multi-life cases on physician groups with as few as three members as well as surgery centers, orthopedic practices and hospitals with hundreds, even thousands of eligible doctors.

The importance of this product is that it protects more of your client’s income than any other disability insurance program in history and on a guaranteed-issue basis. You will be able to provide your client and his/her colleagues with benefits up to $100,000 and more per month without having to take time out of a busy schedule to sit for an exam or blood draw.

We have the platform and guidance to assist you in landing this type of case, even if you aren’t in or even interested in group sales. We will help you along the entire process. If you have any medical doctors as clients or prospects, call Petersen’s experienced GSI team today at (800) 345-8816.