Terrorism Insurance


Terrorism is a grave and brutal subject. It is a peril in life that all people are subjected to on a daily basis. We know that this war against terrorists is likely to last a long time. People need to stabilize their lives by carrying out their duties and opportunities as best they can.

People are being enticed to go to Afghanistan, Iraq and other corners of the earth to take advantage of economic opportunities presented by the rebuilding of these countries that have suffered from the devastation of war.

Brave people are overcoming their fears of personal danger and step up to go to these areas to work. Their great peril and great fear is their families’ economic consequences should they be the victims of more terrorists’ acts.

Boldly certain Insurers have stepped up with a plan to insure these hazards so that the economics of the person and his/her families can be protected from financial losses.

Terrorism Insurance can be written with or without the NCB clause; nuclear, chemical and biological. It is affordable either way. This is a very special coverage. Only a limited number of plans are available on the insurance markets, but we do have ample quantities for individuals or for groupings of people.

Petersen International has been at the forefront in developing these coverages and the underwriting of it. Individual and corporate clients can be well served by these plans. It is quick and easy to get a proposal and to issue this important and valuable coverage. The U.S. Government will not offer construction contracts to anyone or any company that does not have this coverage.