The 90-Day DI Challenge

Disability Insurance Awareness Month begins May 1st.  Now is the perfect time of year to bolster your DI sales with the promotion of income protection to your agents and clients.

DI should be the cornerstone of every sound financial plan.  The economic safeguard of one’s most important asset – their ability to earn a living – is absolutely paramount.  Without a steady paycheck, your clients and their dependents face financial ruin and a future of uncertainty.

In order to help with the advancement of the disability industry in general and to support the upcoming Disability Insurance Awareness Month, Petersen International has issued a call to action.  We have decreed a “90-Day DI Challenge” to any and all capable licensed life/health insurance brokers and general agents in this country.

This is a personal challenge to each and every one of you to close sales on 15 new disability policies within 90 days, beginning May 1st, 2019.  That’s just five DI sales per month!  Here are some tips and suggestions to get you there:

  • Prospect for new sales amongst your previous clientele.  Your greatest marketing resource is your own book of business.
  • Use business policies like Key Person and BOE coverage to open the doors to more cross-selling opportunities.
  • Don’t be hesitant to upsell your clients.  Excess individual or GSI (guaranteed-issue) plans are the perfect additions for your high-net-worth clients who don’t already have sufficient levels of DI.

The successful promotion of disability insurance is important to everyone – not only for long-term commissions but for the financial wellbeing of your customers.  Join the rest of your colleagues and take part in the “90-Day DI Challenge.”

–Published with permission from NAILBA NOW