The Bridge Plan

An Individual Major Medical
Plan for People Awaiting
Medicare Eligibility

⋘. . . . an exclusive product . . . . an expanding market . . . . ⋙

This is a part of the International Major Medical Series we Pioneered twenty- seven years ago. We do have competitors in the International Short Term and Permanent Medical Plans field, but we are not aware of another medical plan similar to The Bridge Plan. This is an exclusive product. It stands alone in an enlarging market.

The concept of the need came from our observation that there are many ethnic newspapers, radio and TV stations in the U.S. This was an indication that there are special people “back home” who at retirement age, would like to live close to their children and grandchildren. One of the reasons for not relocating to the U.S. was lack of medical insurance.

Permanent residents of the U.S. do become eligible to participate in our Medicare System after they have lived here for five years. But, a move to the U.S. requires the senior age new residents to go naked of medical insurance for five frightful years.

We recognized the niché and set about the task of bridging the five-year gap with THE BRIDGE PLAN. The Bridge is available after medical underwriting for new residents. It is a quality major medical plan at a reasonable cost. It provides important peace of mind and enables families to come together in relaxed contentment. It is profitable for brokers to handle. People who can afford to come here in retirement will have the need, and the means, to buy other forms of insurance. Marketing The Bridge Plan has both emotional and financial rewards for a broker. Many Bridge Insureds buy our International Short Term Medical Plans when they return to visit their homeland. They buy accident insurance, life insurance and annuities.

Additionally, we found many Americans need help to get covered by Medicare. The Bridge Plan can be used to cover them in whole or in part while they enroll in the system.


Part A: Hospitalization
Hospitalization Benefits

Covered expenses include semi-private room and board charges, general nursing, miscellaneous hospital services and supplies, drugs, x-rays, laboratory tests and operating rooms.

Hospice Facilities Benefits
Such costs are covered, including medically necessary out-patient treatment. A physician must certify the need of such care.

Skilled Nursing Facility Benefits
Such costs are covered following a necessary hospital confinement of three days or longer and begins within thirty days following the hospital confinement.

Home Health Care Services Benefits
Skilled care at home is covered if such care is deemed to be medically necessary.

Part B: Physicians and Surgeons
Physicians and Surgeons Benefits

The cost of physicians and surgeons are covered on either an in-patient or out-patient basis. Supplies, therapy and ambulance services are covered if prescribed as medically necessary

Plan highlights

  • Any Doctor and Any Hospital.
  • Conditionally renewable annually for up to five years. In the event of non- renewal, if hospitalized, benefits shall continue for up to thirty days beyond the period of insurance.
  • Benefits paid based on usual, customary and reasonable charges and not on diagnostic related groups. (DRG is what Medicare uses. A much lower fee schedule.)
  • Choice of Deductibles