The Conflict in Ukraine Continues

It has been a year since the Russian army invaded the nation of Ukraine, decimating many military and civilian targets along the way with bombs, bullets and missiles.  Currently, Russian forces maintain control in the Crimea and several regions in the eastern parts of the country.  Shelling of military targets and destruction and disruption of the country’s infrastructure continue daily.  New Russian offensives occur from time to time, but Ukrainian forces have held their attackers at bay throughout most of the country and have even taken back territories lost to the opposition.  Unfortunately, the number of casualties on both sides of the conflict is significant.

In these many months since the beginning of the invasion, American companies have been sending employees on a regular basis to Eastern Europe including Ukraine and surrounding countries to assist the millions in need and to provide logistical, consulting and training services to governmental and private Ukrainian entities.  Foreign aid workers, physicians, drone pilots, surveillance technicians, security contractors, journalists, healthcare personnel as well as those assisting in the diaspora of refugees continue to travel to Ukraine through the Polish border.

Many firms and individuals have reached out to Petersen International seeking various insurances to help indemnify the glaring risks and potential losses associated with traveling to and working within a war zone.

Petersen International is currently offering accidental death insurance, medical evacuation coverage, disability insurance, travel medical insurance as well as kidnap and ransom benefits to U.S. residents seeking coverage during their travels to Ukraine and surrounding locales.  All mentioned products appropriately provide war and terrorism benefits.

To hear more about the Petersen war zone product portfolio as well as how we can financially protect your clients who may be putting themselves in harm’s way, give us a call at (800) 345-8816.