The MOD Squad

Great Ideas for Unique Insurance Sales Opportunities

The MOD Squad

In Petersen International Underwriters’ never-ending quest to develop tools to assist producers, we would like to highlight our newest tool – Meetings on Demand (MOD).

While we would like to visit everyone personally, that is not possible. Therefore, we now offer virtual meetings through our Meetings on Demand system. Through the use of technology we can bring directly to you, through your computer, video as well as audio information on any topic you want or need to discuss. Topics could include:

Unlike traditional webinars, our MOD is designed to fit your schedule and time, customized to the unique needs of individual offices.

You only have 10 minutes? – MOD can do that!
You would like to discuss our product line-up right now? – MOD can do that!
You have a number of back-office staff members whom you want to learn how to find gold when talking to your customers, but you can’t afford to have them all at a meeting? – MOD can do that!

Our MOD is designed to be similar to a phone conversation, but on steroids. We can discuss specific topics or specific services as little or as much as you want, and at the same time give you the benefit of seeing as well as hearing while never leaving your office.

In addition, unlike webinars and pod casts that are either not live or are more oneway conversations, this is interactive. Everyone on line can talk and have true group discussions.

Here are the advantages of the MOD:

YOU – Need a refresher on specific types of products and uses? Want to find out what other uses of specialty disability plans, international medical or kidnap coverages are available?

YOUR STAFF and COLLEAGUES – We can arrange topics that will help your staff find money in existing business and future business.

YOUR PRODUCERS – We can arrange a virtual meeting of any sort. We will highlight your company.

YOUR SCHEDULE – We work within your time frame.

The MOD Squad is made up of Erik Petersen, Cathy Kennedy and Thomas Petersen. Give them a call today and take advantage of this new program.