Extra! Extra! – The NFLPA Teams with Underwriting Firm

The NFL Players Association has announced to its members the launch of a new disability insurance program created and administered by Petersen International Underwriters, the disability income protection specialists out of Valencia, California.

The program will provide members of the National Football League Players Association with career-ending, permanent total disability insurance on a guaranteed issue basis, and make protection available to players on and off the field.  According to Scott Petersen, Petersen International’s resident expert of the professional athlete disability market, “This new guaranteed issue athlete DI plan has allowed Petersen International to turn a longtime friendship with the NFLPA into the chance to provide their members with the strongest and most necessary of insurance benefits when considering the physically hazardous nature of the occupation.”

Please contact our office to learn more about the plan specifically endorsed by the NFL Players Association as well as Petersen International’s comprehensive line of insurances for professional and collegiate athletes including total disability coverage, draft protection, loss of value insurance and contract indemnification.